Images Dimensions (Activity Stream)


Hi there,

I would like to ask what I have to do in order the uploaded images to be displayed in constrained proportions?

For example in RTMedia Settings - Image sizes, I entered height 100 and Width 0 without cropping enabled in order to display the whole image but not cropped in the activity stream. The result is that I don’t see the image in Activity at all. Probably because of the value 0 in Width.

Any ideas?


Everywhere else the image is being displayed correctly.

The problem occurs only in the activity stream.

For example inside an album I can see the image with constrained proportions as it should (using the dimensions 0 width / 200 height in thumbnail).


Hi @niks,

If you want to constraint height and width of activity media you need to override them with custom CSS from rtMedia admin settings.

Here is the sample code snippet of custom CSS, you can add your’s accordingly :

#activity-stream .rtmedia-item-thumbnail img { 


Hi @pranalipatel

Thank you for your answer.

Unfortunately this custom css didn’t work in my case.

Using Chrome’s inspect element tool, I noticed that changing the max-width to none or 100px in the following snippet it shows the image, but after pasting it to custom css nothing happens. I can only see this change by “playing” with inspect element tool.

.rtmedia-activity-container .rtmedia-list .rtmedia-item-thumbnail, .bp_media_content img { max-width: 0px; max-height: 100px; }


Hi @niks,

Can you please give your site link so that we can debug the issue ?


Hi @pranalipatel

As the site is not “live” yet, how I can send you the link in a private message?

Thank you


Hi @niks,

When you click on username it will show one pop-up, at bottom left you will see a button of Private Message. You can make private message with the help of that.


Hi @pranalipatel

I can’t see that button. I guess I have not the right yet as a junior member or something like that.


Hi @niks,

You can also send private message. Here is the screen-shot for private message. As you can see by clicking on username it’ll display ‘Private Message’ button.


Hi @pranalipatel

This is what I see :smile:


Hi @niks,

I have sent you private message you can reply over there.