Image URL on activity feed


I’m using the Windows Azure Storage plugin so I can handle all the traffic and deliver all the images uploaded by the users faster.

So, the users upload the image in the theme and activity feed and the image is placed on my azure storage account.

The problem is that in the activity feed the code is calling for a wrong url, causing 404. However, the theme calls correctly thru the media page and lightbox.

How can I fix this?


Hi @nando13,

This is Mangesh from rtMedia team.

Will you please place the following filter in your functions.php file

add_filter( 'replace_aws_img_urls_from_activity', function(){ return true; } );

and check if the problem is still there?

Let me know if the problem persists.

Thanks, Mangesh

Hi Mangesh, thans for your reply.

I’ve tried this snippet, but it’s still doesn’t work.

The activity feed is still searching the image in the wp repository (wordpress/uploads), and the lightbox, media single etc is fetching the image url correctly from windows azure storage blob.