Image Upload Problem

Just installed with buddyPress. Clicked the attach media button on a new post and all it does is close the post. If I comment on an existing post the attach media function works fine. Any ideas?

Upgraded from X to X Pro for my theme today as well.

Hello @kpmetrics,

Could you please confirm if you are facing the same issue when you enable any default theme of WordPress ( e.g 2015/2016/2017 etc )?


Just rolled to Wordpress theme 2016 in staging and it started working. So there’s something with X that seems to be incompatible. Any idea if anyone has discovered a work around?

Hello @kpmetrics,

Yes, as you mentioned it is working fine with the default theme - there must be any conflict exists with the theme you are using. We are not sure regarding the cause. However, we suggest you contact the theme developers once for the same.

I hope they can guide you in a better way.


Do you happen to know if the same type of issues occur when using Divi? Or what’s another theme option that definitely works with rtMedia?

Hello @kpmetrics,

We haven’t come across such issue yet. Yes, here is the list of some supported themes -

Thanks, Pranali

Pranali, Thanks for following up. I switched to Divi and everything is working fine. The issues looks to be tied to the customization Themeco does to buddypress for their X theme.

Which is good for you guys because if not for the problem I never would have tried Divi. And I love what I’m seeing with Divi so far. :slight_smile:


You are welcome @kpmetrics,

I am glad to know that you found the suitable theme for yourself!

I am closing this topic for now. Please, feel free to create new if you need any assistance in future.