Image preview in photo edit mode not showing

Hey there,

We are using a plugin that loads file from S3, so it might be related. When we try to edit a picture, the thumbnail is never displayed, for example source is “” and that doesn’t seem to work.

Any clue?


Hello Bastien,

Are you trying to edit an image uploaded by rtMedia on the frontend? Can you provide more information regarding the same? Please deactivate other plugins and then check whether the issue still remains or not. Please correct me if I have misunderstood your query.

Hey there,

Yes exactly, it’s an image uploaded on the frontend. The only plugin that might be at issue is wp-s3, which automatically adds our media files to S3 servers. The image used to display, but for some reason not it’s not displaying anymore.

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Hello Bastien,

I am bit confused with the issue that you are facing. Can you please provide some screen shots regarding the same?


Here is the HTML line :

And the screenshot :

Thank you for the screen shot, we will look into it and get back to you ASAP.

Give me solution for the same issue.

Hi Kavita,
Can you tell me exactly what issue you are facing?

I have uploaded photo with rtMedia. When edit image i dont get preview of the image.

Thanx for quick reply.

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Hi Kavita,
That’s strange. Please check it with other plugins disabled and with WordPress default theme. I just checked it on our demo site -> and is working fine. Also, check your server error log and js console log if there are any issues logged.