Image for anywhere uploader submit button


Is it possible to have an image instead of the anywhere uploader submit button? In the template system, I am changing the following in uploader.php but nothing is happening


That button is rendered in the absence of JavaScript. So any changes made to that button wouldn’t reflect unless you have js disabled on your browser. You could try styling the upload button using the button id “rtMedia-upload-button”.


Thanks Joshua, I’ll give that approach a shot!


Hi @joshuaabenazer

The CSS approach does work well. Thanks for the suggestion.

I noticed that the code that renders the button is in app/main/controllers/upload/RTMediaUploadView.php from line 41.

Would it be possible to make this part of the template system so that we can modify the button HTML?


Yeah that would be an ideal case. But right now its closely knitted with the js and all.
We may think of doing that in the future.