I'm not sure if my websiten is running with v3 or v4 versions

I made a mistake when I clicked on update ee v4 on the main vps is using v3 ee because I expected v4 version a long time ago. It is recommended that ee v4 be installed on the new vps. Fortunately my website is still functioning normally, but I can not use the website command because v4 did not find my website. Has anyone met my case? If I reinstall version V3 now, will my web data be deleted? Maybe now have to wait v4 version can be used in production. Can you give me advice?

Hi! I had a similar issue a few days ago. I ran an update but missed copying a portion of the command. Commands wouldn’t work but the site was still running. Given that your site runs ok, I would use Updraft Plus plugin to do a backup, then run up a new VPS, install EE version you prefer, create your site and then go in, install backup plugin to new site and revert from backup. Test the install and if all good setup backups again, then delete old server. That’s just what I do, and it works for me.