I'm a bit confused

Hi there,

I’ve been trying your latest version, it’s really nice, but it’s got me confused.

I not have a Media page with no content, where non logged in users get an upload botton, but when they log in there is no upload button, Even for admin.

For admin there is an edit button, but when you click on that it tskes you to edit an entirely different post.

I’m only running BP and the theme is 2016

Not = Now

Hi Venutius,

Upload button is there for all users to tell them that you are able to upload media after login. And to view upload button after login make sure if you are logged in with that same user.

Yes this is my problem, after the user logs in the upload link disappears and there seems to be no way to add content to this page.

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Hello @Venutius,

We hope you have enabled the Enable media in profile setting from the BuddyPress tab under rtMedia admin settings.

If the issue still persists then please share the debug info of your website along with website URL that may help us to identify the mentioned issue.

Debug info can be found under rtMedia -> Settings -> Support tab.

Additionally, share the screenshot where you are not getting the upload button.

Thanks, Pranali