Icons in Menu

What’s the way to get different icons in the menu? With a basic InspireBook installation I have always that standard “nail” icon for different entries…

...btw: on that particular site I'm only using bbpress and not BuddyPress.

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OK, I found some code to put in menu CSS classes like "home", "code", "link"... ...where are the available codes documented?!?

Hello HansRuedi,

Please refer this article.

To add new custom icons you can refer this article. InspireBook is based on rtPanel theme framework, so the process given in article will works for InspireBook theme.

Let me know if you have any doubt.

Hi Manish,

Thanks for the documentation. On the page... https://rtcamp.com/rtpanel/docs/developer/use-fontello-fonts-rtpanel/ ...is a dead link a the moment ("setup rtPanel")!

BTW: I couldn't correctly place the "info" and "right" icons included in rtPanel in my menu.

Sorry for the dead link, now the link is updated in tutorial.

Custom icons present in rtPanel will not work with InspireBook theme. You will need to upload config.json file to fontello.com, which present in your InspireBook theme (/assets/fontello/config.json). Then add the custom css class to WordPress backend in menu option page.

For example, you want to show info icon for the menu, simply add info-circled class and save menu.

Note: Class name will be the name of that particular icon present on fontello.com.

Let me know this is what you required.