I want to move from blogger to my wordpress in hostgator c Panel, but how?

Hi I have a blog in a blogger with custom domain that I bought at godaddy. ermagazin.com I bought hosting in hostgator I used a youtube video how to install wordpress there, I get this address http://www.ermagazin.com//wp-admin that should take me to wordpress loging but it takes me to my blog. Now, what i have to do, do I must transfer my domain from godaddy to hostgator, or something else, I contacted them but I have to wait and would like to make it son as possible.

Please, has anyone step by step tutorial. Also I don’t get it how it works, if i transfer content what about domain, it can’t stay in blogger, do I have to make some redirections?

Regards Nasy

@nasy You can keep your domain with Godaddy, just point that domain to hostgator IP address once you have completely transfer all the content from blogger blog to new WordPress.

Follow this complete guide https://rtcamp.com/blogger-to-wordpress/tutorials/permalink-seo-migration/ for the blogger to WordPress migration. Just avoid template code and redirection of URL. That will be auto handled since you are using a custom domain on blogger and same domain for WordPress site. Only need to point IP address.


Thanks @nitunlanjewar,

In my godaddy was:


    @	1 Hour	
    @	1 Hour	
@	1 Hour	

I replaced it with what I get from hostgator:

1st Nameserver: ns4045.hostgator.com 2nd Nameserver: ns4046.hostgator.com Server IP:

And I deletad all that IP and put just wone thi : Server IP: Did I make it OK?, Since yesterday my traffic descreased, and what about in blogger when all get transfered, what about domain name that is redirected in blogger, should I delete that that blog, since I will write posts in wordpress?

No need to delete blogger blog.

The Nameservers looks good to me. Whenever user open the domain name (site URL), they can see WordPress site only. If that is correct, just cross check all the blog posts from old blogger blog redirecting towards WordPress blog posts.

I don’t get it, I sedn email to hostgator support wait for answer about wordpress installation, I instaled

http://www.ermagazin.com//wp-admin it should take me to wordpress log in, but doesnt, why, any idea?

Because I can’t import data from blogger until I can access to wordpress panel…


So it means, you already updated nameserver, but NOT imported content from blogger blog? Oh, that’s not a good way to migrate a blog.

First, you must need to import the content either on localhost or some other WordPress site, and then move that content to actual WordPress site (where you will make it live) and at the last you need to change Nameserver.

Now, you need to revert nameserver and then import content from blogger blog.

Ok, I am not GOOD as you are so we need step by step so I an learn this things :slight_smile:

I bought at hostgator hosting, so how to transfer first data from blogger? I am lack of money to pay someone this instead of me, but this is good fro me because I learn this things and ejoy,…

I hostgator cPanel tehere are two ways to install wordpress I see many has an option ** Fantastico De Luxe.** but since I don’t have, I use Quickinstall, but my Instalation doesn’t work…??