I upgraded PHP but database upgrade button wont go away

I upgraded PHP but database upgrade button wont go away.

PHP 5.4 (Single php.ini)

Its database upgrade button, not PHP
In our last major release we changed the database structure a lot, so this button ensures that the activities created with version earlier than this are correctly synced and checks the integrity of the earlier media files. Just click on the button, it will run the upgrade script and then update the database version of BP Media in wordpress then this message will not appear anymore.

Ummm. I understand. Your past posts suggested this problem could be from old version of php. So I gave the version I’m using.

I pressed it. It cycles and is STILL THERE. It remains after I press the “upgrade database” button.


Disable all other plugins (except BuddyPress and BuddyPress-media). Also switch to default BuddyPress theme temporarily.

Then try upgrading (click upgrade button).

If upgrade fails to finish after this, send us your php error log so we can try to debug it.


This issue is fixed in latest release 2.2.7. There was a bug in upgrade script.

New version is already live here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/buddypress-media/