I think it's not working correctly

it redirects people from my blogspot blogger to my wordpress home site, rather then to my wordpress blog with the same posts. How can I fix it to redirect to my actual blog post and blog?

Check this forum topic , hope it will help you.

HI there,

I've tried and checked and still can't figure it out, can you please help me with this problem? Or can you go in and fix it for me please?

May I know your old blogger blog and WordPress blog URLs? Also can you confirm that, all the imported posts in WordPress have custom fields values for blogger_permalinks and blogger_blog ?

www.addictedtosoap.com www.addictedtosoap.blogspot.com

How can I check if imported posts in WordPress have custom fields values for blogger_permalinks and blogger_blog?

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Hi, We have fixed the issue. Please update the plugin and then open this URL http://www.addictedtosoap.com/wp-content/plugins/blogger-to-wordpress-redirection/js/b2w-redirection-ajax.js?ver=3.5.1 in browser and do hard refresh, and copy the code generated by plugin and paste it in your blogger.com template.

Hope this will work.

Let me know if you face the same issue again.



Hey there,

I did exactly as you said, now it’s not working at all, this is what I am getting.

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I’ve copied the new code you see in the screen shot above and put it in and refreshed then it gives me another message.

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Can you please share your blogger.com and WordPress login details with me?
Please send it to me at nitun.lanjewar@rtcamp.com

Ok sent :slight_smile:

Fixed it :slight_smile:

Please check this http://addictedtosoap.blogspot.com/2012/02/how-to-make-your-own-wooden-soap-mold.html.

Let me know if you are facing the problem again.