I made translation file


I made the Japanese translation file, because I want to help rtPanel!

Please insert in rtPanel package!



Thanks for your contribution. :slight_smile:

Can you upload translation files again here? They were removed because of security restrictions earlier.

@Rahul Bansal


Oh sorry.
po file
mo file

Hi Masshiro,
Thanks for contributing towards rtPanel . I’ll have a look at the translations and include it in the next release if all is well.
On the other hand if you are familiar with git and github you could send a merge request for the same on https://github.com/rtCamp/rtpanel, as it would speed up the process.

I was sent merge request.

Hi Masshiro,
Could you kindly send the merge request to the “master” instead of “rtpanel-compass”.


Thank you.
I’m glad that I have contributed to rtPanel.

Thanks a lot Masshiro. You can see your commit now in the master commit history -> https://github.com/rtCamp/rtpanel/commits/master