I followed all your instructions but not able to see the result

I really thank full to you guys for providing a nice write up of blogger to wordpress migration.

  1. I use blogger to write article and yesterday I bought a domain gmanendra.com and followed all the instructions that u specified in your article http://goo.gl/SUzDM and migrated my blog to wordpress. But when I search for the my links in google my "site:gmanendra.blogspot.com" the first results are archive pages and when I click on them it is not opening my archive page. I followed your instructions and pasted the code in my ".htaccess" still I am not able to find my posts on that date.
  2. When I go for my internal links in my blog by navigating to my old posts, as well as google search result http://goo.gl/s8bc7 it is redirecting again to my home page with this url structure " http://gmanendra.com/?b2w=http://gmanendra.blogspot.com/2010/05/google-toolbar-for-chrome.html " to fix this I have contacted Hostgator team as u specified in one of your post regarding this issue. Those guys are saying we can't fix this Untill google shows 404,403 errors.
  3. Please observed the URL structure by clicking on some links of my home page " gmanendra.com " it is not showing the complete title of my post it is showing same as the blogger.

Please help me in fixing these issues.

Issues were fixed thank Q for the tutorials which you published.

Hi Gmanendra.

Sorry for delayed response.
I am glad to see that you have done a successful migration by following our tutorials.

If you have further doubts, feel free to shoot your queries.