I don't think W3 Total Cache is working?

Here is my memory usage after using command free -m

                     total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
       Mem:           490        429         60         28         16        282
 -/+ buffers/cache:   130        360
        Swap:         1023        6       1017

I used these commands to set everything up:

wget -qO ee rt.cx/ee && sudo bash ee 
sudo ee site create example.com --wp
ee stack install
ee site update example.com --wp --wpfc

and these are my settings for the plugin

  • Page Cache – Disk Enhance
  • Database Cache – Memcache
  • Object Cache – Memcache
  • Browser Cache – Disabled

Did I do something wrong? Why isn’t my website caching?

can someone help or at least point me in the right direction?

Hi dont think you know what cache is :slight_smile:

Memory will be used even when caching, it just helps out abit but your box damn its low memory :slight_smile:

Beside that to enable W3 Total Cache you gotta type --w3tc when creating a site.

Mem:         16020       2941      13078          0        124       2105
-/+ buffers/cache:        711      15309
Swap:          975          0        975

Just to sum up this is my usage on a clean server only thing installed EasyEngine full stack, this include mail, no sites running.

Load avg 0.04

oh, I thought I had a grasp of what cache was lol. so typing ee site update example.com --wp --wpfc won’t enable w3tc? because i know it installed it on my wordpress site.

–wpfc will install W3Total and Fast-Cgi Cache.

Cache is to lower IO operations, disk read/wright, lower database interactions, depending on the setup.

The issue is Caching plugins use memory to, W3Total is actually one of thos that use quite alot, now i dont know what type of VPS you are running on, but on some of them you gotta remember your system uses Ram to, and in the end there is just no memory left.

You should look in to getting a VPS with higher memory, i know you can get a decent VPS with more ram for arround 7USD