I dont have the button


If i active your plugin, i dont have the buton "send" to the wall of my profil and the same for your tab "media" i cant create album, i save picture and can do nothing thx www.babelgo.com


Thanks for reporting the issue, its not quite clear whats causing the plupload library to break on your site. We’ll look into it.


Some news?


Hi Babel,

I looked into the issue for some time, but didn’t came close to whats causing that issue on your site. I’ll be debugging it thoroughly after patching the Multisite issue that many other users are having. Yours seems to be an isolated case, may be caused by the theme you are using. If possible, can you please write the names of plugins and theme your WordPress site is using? That will help us a lot in debugging.


my plugin : Akismet, bbPress, BuddyPress, BuddyPress Media, Interactive World Maps, NextGEN Gallery, NextGEN Public Uploader, WP Custom Search, WP User Frontend

and the theme is : Wildcommunity on themeforest



Thanks for providing the details, I’ll check it and let you know after completing my current tasks .


OK i found the problem, its a conflict with a other plugin “WP User Frontend”

Do you think you can have a solution?



@babel: Tested BuddyPress Media with all the plugins you listed, and its not giving any problem with any of these. Now about the theme, its the only thing left that we’ve not tested with, so you should try installing the plugin with a different theme or simply go to preview where you can preview this plugin with a different theme and let us know if it works with the other theme or not.


The theme is ok, when i desactivate this plugin “WP User Frontend”, your plugin work

THere are a problem with your plugin and wp user frontend


@babel: I’ve tested the BP Media plugin with WP User Frontend plugin(this was the first I tested with) and it worked fine, until you mentioned that its the one thats causing problem. So I tested with different settings of this plugin this time and found that it crashes BP Media plugin only when you enable the “Featured Image upload” option. Disabling it will do the job for now.


OK its works, but do you think you can fix the problem , i would like to have your plugin and the featured image upload with the other plugin



Some news from the compatibility with the featured image of WP user frontend plugin and your plugin?



Not yet solved, multiple instances of plupload is causing the problem, in our plugin we’ve already added checks to load plupload only when its the media upload page of our plugin but WP User Frontend plugin has not implemented anything like that so its trying to initialize an instance of plupload on every frontend page when frontend image upload is enabled.