I can't upload some videos


I can’t upload some videos. I have tested with a 400kb mp4 video and works well, but with a 9,2mb mp4 video don’t upload anything and don’t make any error message.

First I see it’s uploading: http://i.imgur.com/TU4IbGG.png

Then, to the end of uploading I see this and nothing more: http://i.imgur.com/xEbQQSP.png

¿How I can resolve this?

Thanks and best regards

Are you encoding them with rtMedia’s free encoding service? The videos have to be encoded otherwise they are just there, and most wont stream on the web without being encoded properly first.

You can sign up for the encoding service in the rtMedia Settings in wp-admin.

Hi illusionsglass,

I have signed up for the free encoding service and get same problem:

@ggsalas Is there any JS error in browser console? the video upload should work unless there is any js conflict issue with other plugin/theme.