I cant modify or delete goup media album in 2.9


From what I have seen in my profile albums work well. I can edit both albums as individual files. The problem is with the group albums. I have found that on the one hand the individual files show neither the Edit or Add as album cover. I also wanted to edit an album and click on the option to edit shows me a blank page. Also to clear the default album Wall album, I did but still appears.

I have also found that the new albums created in another group do not appear . Neither the number of photos. Another fact is that I can create new albums, I think it is because it allows only administrators group. But I'm super administrator of the site and I should be allowed to modify that and more. Be considered for future releases. It would be great that you could fix bugs that I comment about not being able to modify or description of the files, delete the album cover or to choose to group albums.

Sorry for the translation i use Google[The album failed][1] :p

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Yes the groups need to be reworked a bit. The media management on the groups should be fixed in the next release. The media count on groups should also be implemented soon enough.

Regarding the "new albums created in another group that do not appear". This works fine on my end. Could you confirm if this works with the latest update?


I think what happens is that when creating the group is created that album but not visible until a file is uploaded.

Regarding the “new albums created in another group that do not appear”. This works fine on my end. Could you confirm if this works with the latest update?

In the end I had accidentally deleted the one maybe. A curious detail that can be seen is that when deleted in status updates were erased in the group. Can try it?¿ What if that has not changed is what I show in the picture when I want to edit a group albums, I still returns blank page. When trying to edit album. When I delete shows pictures and gives me choose which possibly eliminate it is by default it's album.


I happen to to upload some images to group albums in the timeline (wall) the notification only appears to have created the album but none of the images uploaded. Sometimes a few. By creating an album of Star Wars comics for example only appears in the status updates have created the album. In contrast, in another dedicated to Jack Kirby appear each and every one of the 40 pictures I uploaded. Another thing that happens is that if I delete status updates turn erase the images of album or full album. You should check that out. Can look this in: http://mistertrufa.net/librecreacion/actividad/


Hi, We are in the process of re-factoring BuddyPress Media to make it more flexible and take out the profile dependent component like behavior. The group part will also improve, as a result. As we've explained here and elsewhere, right now, it's just a hack on the profile component.

Regarding the deletion of status updates, every media and album is tightly integrated to an activity, hence deletion of the activity deletes the respective media too. This is the default behavior. As part of our re-factoring we will change this behavior too


Great, to fix some details will be a great plugin. It already is but still much better.


@teixolopez - These issues have been resolved in the latest version of rtMedia.