I cannot access media page



due to so many restriction as a new user, my issue would not be properly listed without some kind of images and link for better undersatnding as my site is still under development of which I cannot provide a direct link to the site, So I created one at the [WordPress support page][1] page.

[1]: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/i-cannot-access-media-menupage?replies=1#post-7716847 Please look into it and help me out either here or there.


Hi @sadue

According to this screen shot: https://www.flickr.com/photos/104743864@N05/shares/630135 rtMedia seems to be working fine I can see edit media screen. It will be more helpful if you can share live site URL, it will help us to find and fix the issue if any.



Hey @riteshpatel Thanks for the reply. Am sorry for coming too late now after your reply. The site was under development then, and it is on local machine. But now it is live, you can take a look on any of the [group][1]

[1]: http://myclasslist.org/group/ to see exactly what I explained. The media page of those pages are not accessible or something of that nature.