I can not find the wordpress folder

Hi. I installed easyengine localhost but I am not found the folder where the wodpress was installed. I use ubuntu 18

Which version of EasyEngine are you using? Please send output of the following:

  1. ee --version
  2. ee cli info
  3. ee site list

If you’re using EasyEngine v4:

Please go through: https://easyengine.io/handbook/global-filesystem-structure/site-filesystem-structure/

The answer to your question: https://easyengine.io/handbook/global-filesystem-structure/site-filesystem-structure/#source-code

WordPress files are present in: /opt/easyengine/sites/<site-name>/app/htdocs

speaking about the site filesystem structure
i got some issues with letsencrypt
where should i find the error log ?

@KeyserSoze Logs generated by EasyEngine are present in /opt/easyengine/logs directory. Site specific logs can be found: https://easyengine.io/handbook/global-filesystem-structure/site-filesystem-structure/#logs

Also, if you are using latest EasyEngine version. Please check ee log command.

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i am giving up
i am trying to use this prefered dns challenge from letsencrypt but the damn thing just wont work
added txt value for both
as instructed
then after it propagates for some random reason tells me after runing sudo ee ssl domain:
Warning: Challenge Authorization failed. Check logs and check if your domain is pointed correctly to this server.
Re-run ee site ssl www.domain after fixing the issue.
Error: Failed to verify SSL: Challenge failed (response: {"type …

but when runing sudo ee site ssl www.domain tells me
Error: Site www.domain does not exist.

What is the name of the site you create using the ee site create command. It seems that was domain. So try and re-run ee site ssl domain (without www if that was the name you used while creating the site.)

tried every way in the past 4 hours
also the ee log command doesn’t catch the ssl errors …

going back to http challenge

/app - is a file not a folder

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