I am not able to upload video from "Subscriber" user type

I have installed rtMedia plugin and It is working fine with “Administrator” user type but when I am trying to upload video from another user type as “Subscriber” or any lesser then “Administrator”, It’s uploaded blank and got no any error message. Please Help!

Hi @Deepak_Kumar,

Uploading should work, regardless of user role. Can you provide us with more details about your website? Any plugins & the theme that are using, along with their version numbers.

Awaiting your response,

Joel A.

Here is the screenshot of my installed plugins and themes



Hello @Deepak_Kumar,

We suspect that one of the membership plugins installed on your website might have a conflict with rtMedia. Can you try disabling them one by one on a staging / testing site and verifying if the problem still comes up?

You can also refer to the following doc for conflict diagnosis-> https://rtmedia.io/docs/troubleshooting/conflict-diagnosis-guide-wordpress-plugins/

Let us know if you make any progress!


Joel Abreo

I deactivate all plugins and set default theme but rtmedia image, video is not working in activitystream of the buddypress. it disappeared automatically … please help me.

in my wordpress general setting this error is occur

how to solve this ??? please help me.

the above general setting problem is solve but rtmedia is stilllllllll