I am not able to upload media

Hello, rt team I like your plugin very much and it works in localhost. I have my wordpress blog on running on google app engine. Whenever I upload image from attach media it will not work. When I upload from going to media link then it will uploaded but showing undefined. Here is link https://connect-buddies.appspot.com/members/kamal/media/undefined.

If you can upload normal files in blog posts or pages, then rtMedia should work with Google Apps Engine.

rtMedia uses WordPress core only and doesn’t need any changes in it’s own code.

sir, i have noticed that when i upload images using rtmedia status gets updated. I have also noticed that plugin is not create folders for storing images. Sir i have checked another plugin and that plugin named “bp activity plus” creates folder in google storage bucket but rtmedia not.

What is path for “bp activity plus” folder?

$wp_upload_dir = wp_upload_dir();

define(‘BPFB_TEMP_IMAGE_DIR’, $wp_upload_dir[‘basedir’] . ‘/bpfb/tmp/’, true); define(‘BPFB_TEMP_IMAGE_DIR’, $wp_upload_dir[‘basedir’] . ‘/bpfb/tmp/’, true); define(‘BPFB_TEMP_IMAGE_URL’, $wp_upload_dir[‘baseurl’] . ‘/bpfb/tmp/’, true); define(‘BPFB_BASE_IMAGE_DIR’, $wp_upload_dir[‘basedir’] . ‘/bpfb/’, true); define(‘BPFB_BASE_IMAGE_URL’, $wp_upload_dir[‘baseurl’] . ‘/bpfb/’, true);


hi, rtmedia not able to create folders for media like rtMedia/2014/01? My wordpress blog running on app engine. please help me…thanks.

@1kamal please do not create duplicate topics.

We don’t use Google Apps Engine, so we can’t help you with that. If somebody else is using Google Apps here, they may help you.

You can also try creating rtMedia folder in wp-content folder manually (if possible).

It’s best to use hosting like DigitalOcean which starts from just $5/month. You may use EasyEngine on DigitalOcean or any VPS, to get better performance and quick setup!