I already install nignx hepler in my website. But the purge cache cant work

I already install Nginx hepler in my website. But the purge cache cant work. I need to clear the cache manually.

I establish the Nginx cache folder in
and add
define('RT_WP_NGINX_HELPER_CACHE_PATH', '/run/nginx-cache'); in wp-config file.

Anyone can help me?

We use NGINX for a few things and looking to expand that. One of the problems we wanted NGINX to solve for us was caching pages so that cached requests don’t get to the app server. Long story short is that we don’t have a good way of caching things there. The biggest issue we are running into now though is that while a resource might be cached for 5 minutes another resource might update something causing the first one to be invalid. It is not the end of the world, but if we had some way to tell NGINX from an app server to expire a certain cache that would be amazing.

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