Https:// wrongly redirects to other site... help

I notice all 443 HTTPS request are redirected to one of the sites installed even if that test subdomain is never been installed on the server before

i have multiple sites installed on a ee server. the problem i encounter is with https redirect of removed sites and remains after reinstall the site, but also occurs even if i never installed the site and bare IP is also getting redirected to a site on the server

if i open with the ip it gets redirected to one of the sites installed, example https://123.456.789.314 is a 301 to - (it should show nginx welcome page) is a 301 to - (site was removed so it should show nginx welcome page?)

reinstall then test: is a 301 to - (site is been recently installed but still redirect to

every test is been done incognito window to clear caches still where to check for conf problem?

im not sure why all of those redirects end on the same site, perhaps it was the first one installed but i cant remember that or its because it starts with a number ( so its maybe choosing to the first one on alphabetical order?)

http:// show no problems after i removed but by default EE fails to remove that file from the server. otherwise http request also get redirected to

i tried to see default conf, with:

$ sudo ee site edit default  
Enter site name : default
site default does not exist

is that expected?