Https and www problem on my website


I installed wordpress on digitalocean droplet via easyengine code

wget -qO ee && sudo bash ee

sudo ee site create --type=wp --cache --with-local-redis --ssl=le

Now the problem is website is opening only when prefix www before site name
and doesn’t open when not prefix www

how can I rectify this problem so that website open by both www and non www with ssl

Please guide me it is very urgent … work is pending


You don’t want the website to open with both www and non-www that will be duplicate content to Google. Is there a reason you want this?

Hello Rrohit_Kumar;

Firstly when yo create a site on ee; You must be without www.
For example: sudo ee site create --type=wp --ssl=le

www is a cname… you can add CNAME “www” where it provide DNS