HTTP Error. only uploading activity page

I know this issue has been reported, but in my case it only happens in BuddyPress activity page.
It is not a memory problem because I’m have -> Memory: 66.82 of 256.

I am attaching 2 images.
Page activity with error
gallery page without error.
I added the screens browser errors.

on the page activity i use this jquery : masonry (

wp: 3.9
bp: 2.0
rtmedia: 3.6.13

Plugin active on site:
Advanced Custom Fields
Advanced Custom Fields Date and Time Picker
field for Advanced Custom Fields Add PayPal
Advanced Custom Fields: Image Crop Add-on
Advanced Custom Fields: Range
BuddyPress Group Email Subscription
BuddyPress Profile Progression
Buddypress Xprofile Custom Fields Type
Cyclone Slider 2
Easy FancyBox
Featured Image Via URL
Plugin Notes
Simple Auto Featured Image
Strictly Auto Tags
SZ - Video
Video Thumbnails
WordPress SEO
WordPress Social Login
WPML Multilingual CMS
WPML Sticky Links

WPML String Translation
WPML Translation Analytics
WPML Translation Management

Attachment Link(s):

Check it with other plugins disabled and with WordPress default theme.
Also check your server error logs while attaching media with activity.

ok, the problem is on my theme.
I deleted the folder with the template and page template main.php rtmedia-buddy.php created to display the page correctly in the user profile.

for control, I used on my theme the original activity folder (located in buddy theme default).
So to check if it was my mistake somewhere in the code of the theme.
But the problem is not solved.
It works correctly with the theme twentyfourteen.

Can you help me find a solution?
if you need I give you an account of testing on my site.

For server error log: I have activate the log in my hosting. then I have upload image,but it has not generated any logs to display.

There must be some error logged in to server error log. In the first attachment, it looks like it is 500 server error.