HTTP authentication credentials wont be needed once you white list ip?


I just wanted to confirm if this is a a feature or by design that once you white list ip 22222/ url or http auth wont work or required for whitelist ip ? as i am not being asked for id/pass when i access admin area from whitelist ip. And also please let me know if ip range can be white listed ? like so xx.xx.0.0/16


Hi @rdhingra2

Whitelisting an ip or a range of ip means allowing the ip/range of ip without requiring HTTP Authentication, so both are synonymous.

Yes, you can whitelist a range of ip.

Example- If you want to whitelist the ip range, say, run :

sudo ee secure --ip


Hi @rdhingra2

I hope your issue has been satisfactorily resolved, If not, please revert back or else this topic will be closed after a duration of 48 hours.


Yes you can close this thread

thanks Rahul