I’ve just updgraded to EE 3.4.0. I wanted to try http/2. I have an existing site and followed this tut here

I was just wondering if I there’s anything I need to do to enable http/2 on my website. And how do I know if it’s already enabled. Thanks!

HTTP/2 not detected

Like the tutorial says, just switch from Nginx Stable to Nginx Mainline by using the commands:

ee stack remove --nginx and

ee stack install --nginxmainline

That’s it. Note that this does disable support for SPDY and that this does not work on Debian 7 like the guide mentions.

Then, check if http2 is enabled using a tool like this or the following command:

curl --http2


Hello, I have ubuntu 14.04 64bit. Here’s the outcome,

root@server:~# nginx -v nginx version: nginx/1.9.9

HTTP/2 Test Result

HTTP/2 test not possible. Host not found or connection refused.


Question: If I update, the current sites config will be overwritten or are they gonna keep the same?

I mean, the nginx stack update is smooth or it changes something I should be aware of.

Thanks in advance.


No, as far as I know, nothing will change.


Thank you! Gonna test it out! =)