Http/2 support ? (Now that mainline isn't supported)

Hello guys,

Apparently in the past we had to use nginx mainline to get http/2 support.

As mainline support has been removed with the latest release of EE, how can we make http2 work with easy engine ?



if you are already using spdy

Hi @ben74,

Support for HTTP/2 has been added by default in EasyEngine v3.6.0 and therefore mainline was removed. You can update to EasyEngine v3.6.0 to get HTTP/2 support.

Note: “spdy” module support has been removed from EasyEngine since v3.5.x. You can read more on same:

Thanks @ssalil !

If it’s a default now, how comes my server (setup with the latest EE release, wpfc install) doesn’t show up as using HTTP/2 when using the online tests such as



Hi @ben74

While setting up SSL sites, EasyEngine doesn’t configure the site to use HTTP/2 on it’s own. If you want to use HTTP/2 you will need to enable it manually.

You can refer below link, to know how to setup HTTP/2 manually:

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Thanks a lot.

OK I’ll leave this for now… I didn’t know I needed to have SSL to have HTTP/2 working.

Too much headache for now :wink:

Hi @ben74

Glad to know your issue has been resolved.

You can have free SSL from LetsEncrypt which works across all browser. Following command will help you to do that:

ee site update --le

With above command EE would create an SSL certificate and move your site to HTTP/2 .

As your current query has been answered, I am closing this topic. Feel free to create a new topic if you any other questions.