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What do you think of deploying http/2 under nginx? Any advantages over plain SPDY?

I have tried to replace “spdy” with “http2”, but it throws an error. Suggestions?


I’ve been reading about it recently as I’m also thinking about changing and I think you will find good information here.

Also, download Nginx white paper for more information and details. NGINX_HTTP2_White_Paper_v4

Because of the broad browser support, for now I find SPDY better.

The nginx 1.9.5 is ready for. It’s the mainline version, but EE install stable version only.

How to install the nginx mainline instead stable with Easy Engine?

“2015-09-22nginx-1.9.5 mainline version has been released, featuring experimental HTTP/2 module.”

@ home page and

Well, more than half the browsers have - wide, almost full - HTTP2 protocol support today.

If the nginx can do that, we do not need SPDY in the most of cases, imho.

I agree! But on the mobile area for example, HTTP2 doesn’t have this broad support as SPDY does. So that’s something to consider before moving.

But yes, HTTP2 is well supported on the main browsers.

check it out @

No problem, I guess. Just check HTTP2 and SPDY, no?

listen 443 ssl http2 spdy;

Did you see the Android support for HTTP2? o.O

Simple answer to this SPDY will be no more starting Jan 2016. HTTP/2 is the future. Nginx has already removed SPDY from 1.9.5 mainline. I expect all browsers to support it very very shortly, definitely by EOY.

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I talked to my Hosting provider just two days ago, asking them why had not impleented SPDY in their own website.

They provide latest technology really well priced. And great support. They are located in Germany:

Their statement towards SPDY is this: „SPDY is an experimental protocol. If anything, we will go for http2 in the future” (orig german statement via email: „Guten Tag,

spdy ist ein experimentelles Protokoll. Wenn, dann werden wir in Zukunft eher auf http/2 setzen.

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