How to upload media files without writing a caption?

Hello there, I really love the plugin and all it can do despite being free, but I had this questions, At the moment if I want to share a media file I have to write something in the status bar, so my question is how do I upload a file without having to write a caption or entering some text in the status bar.

Thank you for the answer, I also have another question but I think its better to ask in a separate qustion.

Hello @farhan_malik,

This feature is released with rtMedia v3.9. Now user can upload media without caption in BuddyPress activity feed.

I hope this will help you. Thank you.

@pranalipatel I’m using rt media 3.10.1 WordPress 4.4 and BuddyPress 2.4.3 for my customers social site and I cannot upload a media file (picture) without adding some wording in the status box. I see above you said version 3.9 would have that option. Is ther a setting I’m missing?