How to upgrade Nginx to the stable version safely


I recently received a notification from server saying that we need to upgrade Nginx to the latest security version (1.15.6 or 1.14.1) as there are some vulnerability in the current version and it is recommended to back up the server image before doing the upgrade.
Current NginX version is 1.14.0.

Does anyone know if I can upgrade Nginx using ee command safely, without affecting the existing configurations?

I worry that after upgrade Nginx, I may lose the congigurations.

Many thanks!

If you are using EEv4 and are at version v4.0.15 or higher, your Nginx will be at or higher. Which version of EasyEngine do you have running? That might help with troubleshooting or providing more explicit instructions.


Mine is EEV3. So the Nginx is lower version.

Understood. The migration from v3 to v4 is not an easy path. The systems are completely different and while the command structure is similar, the functionalities are very different.

Since EEv3 is no longer supported and updated I would recommend that you take a look at the Easyengine fork called Wordops ( They have some migration scripts that assist moving EEv3 servers to Wordops. The EasyEngine team is completely at peace with a move to Wordops, even recommending it for those that do not want to migrate to the newer platform. See their blog post

But that aside, there are ways to update and I would check out some basic articles such as this one which is pretty straight forward. Note this is for an Ubuntu 16.04 (also deprecated and out of support) server. As always, back up all your work first. Don’t make any wholesale changes until you do. All tinkering is on you on out of date versions.

Sorry I cannot offer better help.

Thank you very much for sharing these information. Really helpful!!

Our ubuntu version is 16.04.07 and easyengine is v3.7.5.

Currently we have 2 live sites siting on the server.

Can I ask which option you think is better and easier for the purpose of minimizing website downtime?

Looks like it’s better to use wordops. If use wordops, how to migrate? Can you share me some article if possible? Many thanks!!

For those that are used to how EEv3 works, Wordops is an easy migration path since the site structures, folder structures, etc are all similar. I do use and really like EEv4 and am completely comfortable on that platform, including intermediate level Docker administration. But it is not for everyone, especially if you have no prior knowledge of Docker and do not wish to undertake learning something new.

But migrating, whether to a new platform, or a different system could not be easier in Woprdpress sites. The only challenge you will have is managing the downtime waiting for DNS to propagate from the old server to the new server. This amounts to roughly about 15 minutes of downtime on the average for the site. This can be mitigated in various ways, but another topic for a different post.

My super simple migration solution is to install a plugin such as WPVivid, Duplicator, Updraft or Jetpack (just to name a few) and use the plugin to copy over all the site files and the database. Some of the plugins even allow for a complete site-to-site migration but I tend to take more of an old school approach.

This would look like this in a step-by-step:

  1. Install plugin on current site
  2. Run the backup and download the site files and database to your local computer.
  3. Setup new server and have it ready to go.
  4. Move DNS from old server IP to new server IP
  5. Install new site on new server.
  6. Log into new wordperss and install the same backup plugin as step 1.
  7. Run the restore as instructed.

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