How to update phpmyadmin using easyengine?

Is there any way to update phpmyadmin tool using easy engine. Or I have to remove it and then again have to install latest???

Hi @makarand,

You need to remove phpmyadmin by using following command and then need to install it again.You can use following command

ee stack remove --phpmyadmin

ee stack install --phpmyadmin


Hi @shitalpatil

I seen documentation of ee, and I thought that may be there is no way. So I already updated it manually but using easyengine. first removed old one. ee stack remove --phpmyadmin and installed again ee stack install --phpmyadmin

Thanks for reply.

Ok, And once the stack is installed, how we access the phpmyadmin? What are the access codes to phpMyAdmin?

I tried this, with very poor results:

cd /var/www/
wget -O
mv phpMyAdmin * / * phpmyadmin

When I run the third line, I get a long error message and does not decompress

Thanks and regards, Jon Diaza of Mendib

You can access PHPMyAdmin and other admin tools from port 22222

Try opening your site-ip:22222 in browser.

I was tried out on my website I am frequently getting many erros and hence I am thinking to shift on blogger… the same due to many server or hosting problem… I am not able or difficult to understand php

Is this really the only method of keeping phpMyAdmin up-to-date? If I execute ee stack upgrade I figured it was taken care of, however, it doesn’t’ seem to be part of this command.

Outside of executing

ee stack remove --phpmyadmin followed by ee stack install --phpmyadmin is there anything else that needs to take place?