How to update nginx? (want to enable HTTP/2)

Hello, how do I enable HTTP/2 in nginx? I know I have to add “http2” to my server block but I also probably need to update the nginx version that easy engine installs. I’m not sure how to do either of these.

Running on debian and tried apt-get to upgrade but then lost the custom package and my site went down until I used ee to reinstall nginx. Hoping there is a way to do this.

There’s a massive issue thread on this on github. EE staff please read :slight_smile:

There’s no easy way if you want to include modules that EE includes. You’ll need to build from source. Latest version is 1.9.7. Plenty of internet postings on how to do this so I won’t get into it.

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EE still use the stable version of nginx (1.8.0) same as passenger-nginx. So, if you wanna enable http2 with your own nginx, just install fresh linux, get the repo of mainline version of nginx (v 1.9.5+) and then install it :slight_smile: