How to update from ee version 1.3.6

I started by upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04. When I run ee update I get an error:

Checking EasyEngine Update, Please Wait…

/dev/fd/63: line 1: Not: command not found

Apparently I have waited too long to do an update. Is there a guide to upgrade from old ee versions?

@brianhanifin You can update EasyEngine by using the command wget && sudo bash ee

Thank you @ssalil! The upgrades are in progress.

Oh no! My primary site works, but now my secondary domain websites are broken!

I’m getting: “Welcome to nginx!” instead of the websites that were there previously!

Hi @brianhanifin could you check that all the sites mentioned are available in sites-available and sites-enabled both ? If yes, then can you share your /var/log/ee/install.log ?