How to take code off particular wysija page

This is a newsletter confirmation page for wysija. Any idea of how to take the code for rtsocial off? I tried to choose manual option and place only in single.php, but it still showed up. Also, I have included remove_action commands in functions.php. Would there be a particular command for this kind of page?

You'd have to manually add this code in your single.php file, apart from switching to the maual mode in rtSocial settings:

$title = get_post_field( 'post_name' , get_the_ID() );  
if( $title != '{thanks-page-slug}' ) {  
    if ( function_exists( 'rtsocial' ) ) {  
        echo rtsocial();  

Replace {thanks-page-slug} with the actual slug of the page from the Edit screen, right under the Title textbox.

Hmm...not sure I'll be able to make this work, but thanks for trying. The issue is that the page is created by the wysija plugin. It's not actually on my pages list in Wordpress, because I think the slug that is generated is different each time a new subscriber confirms subscription. I'm considering just taking out the confirmation step. The plugin has a link to the page so I can see it. This is what the link goes to:

Hi @yadish11,

Actually, since there’s no way this page could be differentiated from others, rtSocial can’t be hidden on such a page unless the developer is using an actual page from WordPress (like BuddyPress or WooCommerce do).