How to switch between MariaDB versions?

Hey all!

How can I switch between DB versions? I have one very old PHP site that needs older DB. Is it possible to add an older mysql version or an earlier mariadb like 10.1?

Hello @redlaw

You can specify the switch --local-db in your ee site create command.
After that, you can create a file called docker-compose.override.yml in the root direcotry of your site (/opt/easyengine/sites/

Then you can copy the DB Service part from your original docker-compose.yml file (/opt/easyengine/sites/ to your new file docker-compose.override.yml. You can then specify a custom version tag or image for your mariadb docker container. I would delete everything witch is the same as in the original docker-compose.yml file. So even when you update ee, everything will still work.

example docker-compose.override.yml (also disables postfix)
If you still need postfix, you can just delete everything unter postfix: till db:.

version: '3.5'


    image: tianon/true
    restart: "no"

    image: mariadb:10.5

After the modification you have to disable/enable the site, so docker-compose will regenerate the containers:
ee site disable
ee site enable

More infos:
mariadb Docker Hub
Docker Compose Override

Hey @swissbuechi

Thanks for your input. I tried many times but I get this error when I try this command
ee site create --local-db

Error: Parameter errors:
unknown --local-db parameter

Like I can’t make any custom container for DB


Hello @redlaw
Don’t you need a php container?

I think you need to run:

ee site create --type=php --with-db --local-db

I am trying that. Will let you know soon.

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