How to sign in to FTP Wordpress via FileZilla? Help I'm stuck. No Plugin feature

Hi, I started migrating my blogger to my new wordpress following your video tutorial on Youtube. I have updated my blogger template using the code and I have replaced all 7 “” to my wordpress domain. I also have the blogger.php file but I got stuck when trying to use FileZilla. I can’t seem to connect to my host using my WordPress credentials. (not sure what I am doing wrong).
I also tried using the free migration plugin but the new wordpress no longer has the plugin feature so I cannot import the blogger.php in order to complete the entire process. I need help, please.


For the FTP connection via filezilla, cross check the login details and/or contact the hosting support team.
The blogger.php is nowhere mentioned in our article or video, so I am not sure what is the use of it.