How to Setting Security in Easyengine V.4 maybe ufw and fail2ban

How to Setting Security in Easyengine V.4 maybe for ufw and fail2ban? maybe somebody can help for basic guide because i’m newbie on vps.

all i do is install easyengine and make wordpress site… no other setting.
so i need to setup security but i dont know how.

Thanks in advance

Hey there,

So there’s no firewall on your VPS? Here’s a quick set of commands to get ufw up and running. Make sure to run all commands as the root user.

Install ufw

apt-get install ufw -y

Deny all incoming traffic by default (ufw is currently disabled so no need to worry)

ufw default deny incoming

Allow all outgoing traffic by default

ufw default allow outgoing

Allow SSH, HTTP and HTTPS with the following three commands

ufw allow ssh
ufw allow http
ufw allow https

Then start ufw (it’ll ask to confirm due to your current SSH session; you can accept and reconnect if necessary)

ufw enable

You can optionally check the status

ufw status

I have never used docker, is it necessary to do something to configure fail2ban correctly in each container?