How to set dns after installing EE

Hello This is the first time I’m using easyengine by myself. I installed it easily on an Ubuntu 14.04 and now I guess I need to set dns to use my domain on this VPS of mine. Could you guys guide me on this? I also have another question, I installed easyengine phpmyadmin package but it didn’t give me any username and password to enter in https://myIPaddress:22222/db/pma. where can I find that? (I read in one doc that it’s located in my /root but there is only one ee file in there) p.s: I also have access to one working VPS(with online website) completely configed using easyengine so if that helps to look into it’s files just tell me which ones. Thank you guys so much for your time

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In this tutorial you can learn about the DNS problem you had(at step 3):

username and password to enter in https://myIPaddress:22222/db/pma

username and password HTTP --> #ee secure --auth

username and password https://myIPaddress:22222/db/pma # cat /etc/mysql/conf.d/my.cnf

i hope u enjoy with ee