How to send email to Gmail (Business), same domain



First, I still love EE. It is very good and I recommended to friend.
I have a problem. I can send email to but I can NOT send email to My domain is I use Gmail (Business) to read my email.

Email are sent. There is no error. But I never receive it.
I read online that there is some “local delivery” switch that could cause some problem in my case. I have no idea how to disable it and to force it to read MX properly. I also read that you are working on email server and already put a list of tutorials. But I think this is “too” much for my need which is just “make php mail function work”.

Also, strangely, my friend use the exact same settings, with as email and as domain and everything worked fine “out of the box” (he installed a fresh EE yesterday).

If you can help me, point me in any direction, I will be very grateful :slight_smile:



Hey Mathieu,

Can you show me cat /etc/postfix/ output?


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update mydestination =,, localhost to mydestination = localhost.


100% Working.

AWESOME : thank you very much :slight_smile:



Glad to know your problem solved. :slight_smile: