How to run 3 site with 3 ip on 1 server by EasyEngine - solved

Hello every body, I used EE and I love EE. But i have a problem, please help me. I bought 1 server at OVH, I bought 3 ip more and added to this server.

I want to know how to: Run site 1 --> IP1 site 2 --> IP2 site 3 --> IP3

How to manage ip with EE? Thanks you.


I think EE don’t do anything with your IPs. You need to point your domain with “A” record to your desired IP manually and then run EE.

Hope this will help you.


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I have solved. Thanks Nitin.

@nitin Not looking for a fight ~ just saying ~ I think its really a little ‘assholish’ when you ask people to help you with a problem, then when you find a solution, you don’t bother to share it.