How to remove 'X-Powered-By'?


Hi! Can anyone help me with this?
Any suggestions @mrrobot47

What I finally did:

  1. Copied nginx.conf from the docker container to a local directory for editing
    docker cp services_global-nginx-proxy_1:/etc/nginx/nginx.conf /<your-dir>/nginx.conf
  2. Removed the line include /version.conf; by commenting and saved the file
  3. Copied the modified nginx.conf back to the docker container
    docker cp /<your-dir>/nginx.conf services_global-nginx-proxy_1:/etc/nginx/nginx.conf
  4. Restarted global service nginx-proxy
    ee service restart nginx-proxy
  5. Restarted site for good measure
    ee site restart <sitename>


You would be wise to leave it in there for debugging.


OK I understand but how do I do it if I wanted it to be hidden. Could you help?


Remove the following line in nginx. conf file and restart nginx.

add_header X-Powered-By “EasyEngine”;


That method doesn’t for v4


Found that X-Powered-By comes from version.conf. Can this be excluded?
edit: I modified the /var/lib/docker/overlay2/…/merged/etc/nginx/nginx.conf file and was able to hide X-Powered-By. But it’ll probably get overwritten after a update. Is there a better approach?


you can run

 grep -r  "X-Powered-By" /var/lib/docker/overlay2/* | grep version.conf

and edit file version.conf done


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