How to remove Page title


Could you please tell me how to remove Pages title from the post area?


Hi Palmitas,
Could you elaborate on your question a bit. Which post area are you talking about? Perhaps a link or two would help.

I have the same question, but I see it was asked and responded to quite awhile ago. "How do you remove or hide the title of a page being used as a HOME PAGE for the premium theme?

I cannot see where, “Display Title of Page” can be turned off…

Hello, I know that is an old post but I wanted to give my solution to you, just in case someone is having the same problem. What I did? I solved this by using phpmyadmin. NOTE: I use mysql as database, check what database you are using. First locate your database and then the table cms_posts, run this SQL to find the pages of the website. NOTE:I use as a table prefix “wp_” yours could be different. Find the page and remove the post_title.

SELECT * FROM cms_posts WHERE post_type = ‘page’