How to reduce waiting time?

I've just setup a fresh server, running nginx, php5-fpm and mysql +APC. No further tuning has been done yet.

transferred a website from my old server and check loading speed. In my opinion I have a huge waiting time, see my results:!/zVPVHsiA1/ about 809msecs compare that to!/gc3WBEGab/ with about 110msecs

Where does the wait come from? nginx? mysql?

Try reducing keepalive_timeout -

You can try 30 seconds.

A big reason I hate all control panel softwares is that they eat up too many system resources!

Anyway try reducing keepalive_timeout and please share your results.

I already have it pretty low: keepalive_timeout 10;

I'm not worried about the control panels as I have enough RAM/CPU cycles. Besides, ISPCFG doesn't do more than use up an extra vhost if I'm not wrong.