How to put author name and upload date under thumbnails?

Standard galleries display thumbnail and title (as in

Besides that, I want it to show the author name and upload date below the thumbnails.

My guess is that it should be set at album-gallery.php file at line 76, but I can’t find what are the variable names for these 2 new informations. How can I find it?

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Title:  <?php  echo rtmedia_title (); ?>
Upload date:  <?php echo get_rtmedia_date_gmt();?>
Author Name:  <?php rtmedia_author_name ( true ); ?>

Hello @Felipe_Augusto_Marx,

As @illusionsglass suggested, you can get author name and upload date using rtmedia_author_name () and get_rtmedia_date_gmt() functions.

You need to override following template files in your theme:

album-gallery-item.php and media-gallery-item.php

Thanks @illusionsglass for your great support !

Thank you.

Hi @pranalipatel and @illusionsglass, it worked perfectly as I expected ( The problem is that when clicking on pagination items, new data (author name and upload date) are lost (as in My guess is that something on some js file must be changed as well. How to do so?

(I’d also rather having regular HTML pagination instead of ajax pagination, is there a simple way to change it? Besides that, the URL of each link on pagination - - leads me to a 404 error)

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Hello @Felipe_Augusto_Marx,

rtMedia uses Backbone to handle load more / pagination. You also need to filter the JSON response which is handled by Backbone.

Please refer this documentation which describes the same with code snippet ->

Let us know if it helps you or not.

Thank you.