How to properly override css-file


I’d like to write my own css, but rather not litter my sheets with important-statements. I’ve read how I can override templates, but not how to do that to the css. Usually plugins look for a stylesheet in the template directory first. Please advise, thanks.


@filip-van-hoeckel - You can do so by using a higher specificity in your theme’s stylesheet. Check this link for more on CSS Specificity ->


I understand that we can override like this, but this almost doubles the payload on the end-user. Downloading the default css, then the overrides. Best practice would involve checking the theme-folder first, nothing found > then use the default stylesheet. Worth considering, right?


@filip-van-hoeckel - This is definitely on our roadmap and it’s just a matter of time before we get there!

Probably we would be giving an option to disable the default rtMedia styles so that you can enqueue them separately.


It would be great :wink: thanks in advance