How to prevent video/photo downloads or copy links

I tried to find the information how to prevent any users to either download the videos or photos or copy the links to where the files are outside of membership site. Those video or photo uploads are only available to paying members and cannot be shared outside of membership site due to copyright and sensitive content. I tested by right clicking on the video that was uploaded and saw options to either save the video or copy the link of the file. How do I prevent this? Thanks.

Hi dwf,

rtMedia doesn’t currently have any mechanism to prevent right clicks.

However, the WordPress ecosystem surely has plugins that will accomplish such a thing. You can start by exploring the results of this search.

Let us know if this worked for you!


Joel Abreo

Hello and thank you for your reply! Yes, I have found another plugin that prevents hot linking and downloading media files. Should have checked it first. Have a nice day.

We are glad to know that you found a solution @dwf,

We are closing this thread now. Feel free to create new if you need any assistance.

Thank you.