How to point a domain to easyengine vps

Hello everyone. I am so new here and I just run into easyengine after searching extensively for control panels to use on my vps for my wordpress sites. Sorry for my question. Maybe it is so easy for you.

How will I point my domain to my easyengine vps? My domain is registered on namecheap. On namecheap I went to “advanced dns” section and added ns1 and ns2 nameservers pointing to IP of my vps. Then I changed nameservers of my domain (let’s say as and

But it does not work. I cannot reach my wordpress website which I setup using

ee site create --wp

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

Make an A record for your domain - and and point it to the IP address of the VPS. Helps to have a dedicated IP.

The nameservers should be the ns that namecheap provides (ns1.namecheap or whatever it is) unless you want to run your own DNS server too.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: It worked like a charm