How to optimize RAM usage in a server with many PHP apps?

Hello, I am using ee to manage my server with multiple PHP sites. The thing is that i host an online POS system, with a separate installation for a different client. Its not high traffic sites, they max have 5 users/ day so it doesnt have much CPU usage, but i see a high RAM usage. How can i optimize it?

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all this kinda stuff depends on your setup as well as the php optimisation. for example, what are your server specs? is it a vps? shared hosting? what version of php are you using? do you use any caching from EE or elsewhere? fastcgi? redis?

the more info you can give us - the better we can help.

if you think none of this is important, :)))) just add hhvm to your setup and try it. it uses a lot of ram, but your CPU will basically not move once it is setup.

i have 2 websites running off a 512mb ram VPS with D/O. i get over 100 hits a day on each. and my ram never goes beyond ~400mb so its all about your setup.

let us know.

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I don’t understand what’s the matter with RAM usage.

Is the server working fine enough? Leave it alone.

Linux tries to maximize RAM usage in order to speed up processes. There’s nothing wrong with it.

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I think its a habit we’ve picked up from windows systems.