How to move site into EasyEngine v4 environment?

I want move site from another hosting to my EE4 server. I EE3 version was enough to:

  1. zip all files and export DB from old hosting (
  2. enable new WP installation with command like ee site create --wp --user=admin --pass=pass --php7
  3. drop all tables from ee3 DB and import DB from
  4. remove all files in htdocs and unzip files from
  5. perform search and replace in DB ( >
  6. Done.

Now it doesn’t work.

  • Which additional configuration site migration requires?
  • Is written any tutorial on how to move site into EasyEngine v4 environment?

You gotta be more specific than that. What error do you see on the browser? What does the logs say?

I would import the DB using wp-cli and if you’re manually importing the files to the htdocs from host, then you gotta chown the directory back to www-data:www-data.

check the file owner of files/folders of the htdoc folder. The files/folders need to be owned by www-data:www-data.